Back At The Desk Again

I’m home. Really, really home this time. I’m not going to Florida again this year (knock on wood!), and I only have one convention planned (AtomaCon, in November–DO check them out, they’re fabulous!). I’m done with writing Servants of the Sands, the last book in the Children of the Desert series (wild cheering) and it’s in the publisher’s hands! (Air horns and reckless screaming)

Right now, I’m looking at a probable January launch date. That’s still unconfirmed, so don’t get TOO excited… but… did I mention AtomaCon is in November…? I’ll have a table at AtomaCon? And I’ll definitely be selling the heck out of any new books I happen to have… (see next paragraph)? Yeah. Might want to seriously look at that convention. So… no pressure. But it would thrill me no end if I had a BIG FOLLOWING show up there this year. đŸ™‚

Moving right along. I’m currently overhauling the companion novella to Servants. I’m uncertain as to the final title; working title is Moir Choices. It follows the choices of a young Northern Church priest (named Moir, of course) just as the Purge starts to kick in for real. He’s entrusted with a deadly secret and sent running to a distant haven in hopes of both preserving the knowledge and keeping it out of the wrong hands. Of course, he doesn’t know what he holds…because that wouldn’t be any fun at all, from a writer’s point of view, now would it? And because he’s still very young, he starts out thinking, in high drama fashion, that this is All About Him. (He grows up rather quickly, mind you.)

Moir steps into Servants of the Sands in the back half, and has a significant impact on various characters. I decided some information about his history would help fill in a few gaps. You don’t need to read this side novella to understand what happens in Servants, just as you don’t need to read the other companion novellas I’ve put out (Fallen City and A Small Price To Pay)–but they’ll add some interesting and possibly amusing context to certain points in the story.

Moir Choices is full of ghosts, demons, snarky kids, and gods. It does run to the dark side of the line, as the rest of the series has to date, so do use caution. I will promise there isn’t any explicit sex in this novella. One off-screen moment, but nothing live. So there’s that, at least. (Oh…If you are looking for on-screen frisky moments, take a look at A Small Price To Pay. I don’t get lurid, but it’s not invisible, either. And it’s a core part of the plot!) đŸ™‚

Back to the main book (Servants of the Sands). Over the next few weeks, I’ll be putting together a promotional campaign, looking up spots for a book launch party, overhauling two websites, and taking on a part time job at a local arts and crafts store (which will force me away from the computer for a few hours a day!). I’m also going to be building an ARC request list. Please do pass along the news to your book reviewing and Known Names pals! The more the merrier. I don’t think I’ll manage to get the ARC to Publisher’s Weekly and such this time around; might be a bit tight on timing, given their long lead time requests. I’m hoping!

Final info: The cover for Servants will be handled by the magnificently kind Aaron B Miller, whose art graces books two through four. I am ridiculously happy about this! The cover artist for Moir Choices is as yet undetermined, but I’m hoping to rope Mike McPhail of eSpec Books in one more time, as he did such a lovely job on Fallen City and ASPTP.

Other than that…I’m sleeping a lot. And playing WoW (of course). I finally bought Legion, and it’s mostly intriguing. A bit tedious in spots so far, but mostly fun. And I’m really, REALLY REALLY enjoying being HOME. Weeding my garden back into shape, discovering the baby bunnies among the shasta daisies, welcoming the hummingbirds, adding more tiers to the steep slope out front. It’s all magical. Truly, truly magical. I haven’t been this happy and motivated in a very long time. So watch out! I’M BAAAAAAAACK…. đŸ™‚