Bizarre and Beautiful

There are no bloodworms in this article. They're far too tame.

Time to get weird with worms!

I present the following to amuse, inform, and disturb. Enjoy!

(Warning: this post may not be suitable for the, ah, “squirmish”.)

Warring Over Worms

Who’d have thought a worm infected by a fungus could be so interesting? (And expensive!) Writers, you want to read this article. And this one. INCREDIBLE detail. I’m already coming up with ideas! (articles are from 2012 and 2015, respectively.)


Excerpt: Battles over worm-picking turf—most areas allow only licensed residents to pick—have resulted in violent encounters, including seven murders in northern Nepal, where a small percentage of the world’s yartsa is picked.

Standing … err … Tall?
How about a three-foot long worm? Yep, they exist. Read about shipworms here. There’s even a video of one being extracted from the shell. (Not for the squeamish, perhaps. I found it revolting.)

Icy Cold Indeed

There are worms that live deep in Antarctic waters. Yes. Seriously. Look here. And then look here. And don’t forget to check out the Naked Bone Eaters. If that’s not enough, find out more osedax worms here.

OK. That’s enough nightmare and inspiration fuel for one day. Now go forth and write something!