End of Year Wrapup

Snow covered trees

It’s not even December yet, and I’m ready to call 2016 a wrap. How about you?

This hasn’t been an entirely bad year, though it’s certainly knocked many of us on our respective keesters more than once. Let’s look at the good stuff – and some weird stuff – as we haul ourselves up and get ready to face this holiday season and whatever lies beyond the New Year.

The first solar-powered round-the-world flight

Bud Webster’s “Farewell Blues” was nominated for a World Fantasy Award

(If you haven’t heard of Bud, here’s an introduction)

Virtual Reality is now a … well … reality. 

(If you’d like more info on VR, there’s a lovely article over on Cloudwards that breaks down the types of headsets. It’s interesting stuff. From 2015, so possibly out of date, but still worth reading.)

The Shannara Chronicles aired on MTV

(and turned out to be a reasonable adaptation)

(AND it’s been renewed!)

Running a country on renewable energy is getting a little more achievable

Neil Gaiman became a grandfather

Arizona, Colorado, Maine, and Washington have raised their minimum wage

36-year-old George Frandsen made it into the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of fossilized poop

Medical marijuana has been legalized in Arkansas, Florida, and North Dakota; California, Massachusetts, and Nevada have legalized recreational use

Deadpool. Definitely a major plus to this year’s roster!

Tammy Duckworth became Congresswoman to Illinois’ 8th District 

Archaeologists have uncovered the Middle East’s oldest middle finger

Catherine Cortez Masto won the Nevada Senate race

“Twisted light” could be the way we communicate in the future

There you go. Hopefully at least a couple smiles and “wow” moments came from that list! Share your own good moments of 2016 in the comments, please!

Hug your friends and loved ones today, and remember to be kind to yourself. 😀