Let’s Talk About Cooking

You already know, if you’ve hung around for any length of time, that I really love cooking. And I really love writing. So it’s natural that I love exploring the intersection between those two things. Sometime in 2016, I had the idea to put together a cookbook comprised of entries from a bunch of different writers, showing how we all approach feeding ourselves while we’re working. It’s taken a couple of years, and a lot of learning curve time, but I’m proud to announce FEEDING THE MUSE: Recipes For Writers, Recipes By Writers!

Feeding The Muse: Recipes For Authors, Recipes By Authors

Feeding The Muse: Recipes For Authors, Recipes By Authors

Published through The Scribbling Lion, this book is an eclectic collection of takes on creative cooking from nine writers (an accidental number, but I’m perfectly ok with Nine Writers, writing in a Ring… all right, I’ll stop, I’ll stop) — Allen L Wold, Malcolm Gin, Danny Birt, Elektra Hammond, Gail Z Martin, Steven Savage, Edward Morris Jr., Jonah Knight, and me of course! Some of us (ahem) ramble on and on; others offer a concise, neatly ordered set of directions and tips. It’s only coming out in ebook, and it’s only $1.99, and it launches in only a few days (July 31)!

Recipes range from vegan to full omnivore, from quirky to serious, from healthy to artery-stopping. There’s a high proportion of comfort foods, and easy to make foods, and hotel-room-cooking ideas. The contributors hail from across the country, from East to West Coast, and their unique voices were preserved, rather than tucking everyone into a stifling format.

I had a ton of fun writing my entry, editing the others, and organizing the whole shebang.  I will more than likely start gathering names and ideas for a second one sometime soon. For now — stop by and preorder your copy today! (Did I mention it’s two bucks? Seriously, this is a vastly underpriced item.)

NOTE: You will need to set up a Smashwords account. It’s well worth the few moments, though… because then you ALSO have access to the OTHER books I have up on Smashwords. Like A SMALL PRICE TO PAY and SALT CITY. And the entire Children of the Desert series, as well. It’s all right there — just run a search for “Wisoker” and make sure you have “adult content” marked as OK.

Now, please excuse me, I just cooked up an idea for a short story I need to pin down before it evaporates…. 🙂