Lots to do, Lots to do…

Ain’t that the way it always goes, though? I’m recovered from RavenCon 2018 (mostly), recovered from bronchitis (ditto), and am tackling my enorrrrrrrrrmous backlog of Projects Overdue. Like the Feeding The Muse Cookbook that I thought I’d have finished in January. And getting The Scribbling Lion focused on being just a bookstore, and a passionately geeky one at that. Like overhauling my garden, in part because we’re trying to sell our house, and in part because the weather is GLORIOUS and stuff is GROWING and it makes me really really happy to dig around in the dirt and make a mess. Which doesn’t really fit with keeping the house clean for showings, but whatever, pfff, some things are Just More Important.

I am not, however, writing just at the moment. It’s one more thing on my List To Do, but I’m finding much more joy in reading and contemplating happy things. I think my Muse is on a vacation in the Bahamas, and I wish zir all the best and hope there aren’t too many hangovers involved along the way.When ze gets back, I’m sure ze will bring back lots of amazing things to write about!

The hummingbirds are enjoying their feeder, as are the goldfinches, blue jays, and purple finches. The sun is out, life is good, and I’m going to be Productive As Hell today. No matter what. Mwah.