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Nothing To Do, And It’s Glorious!

    For the first time all year, I’m looking at a completely empty calendar for the month ahead. No doctor appointments, no trips out of town, no social gatherings to attend, no external commitments AT ALL. Given that this is my favorite time of year, when the leaves crunch and crackle under the squirrels and birds busily hunting for their dinner, the air is crisp like a properly ripe apple, the wind plays with the trees, and other typical markers of fall in Virginia, I’m in heaven.

    Now that doesn’t mean I have nothing to do, despite the title of this post. I have lists upon lists of tasks both tedious and exciting that have been piling up, like the drifts of leaves outside, while I dashed about during the past months. I’m not going to be sitting on my rump. Much.

    I have promotions to start wrangling, a book to guide through typeset once it comes back from the editor; I have a newsletter to write, people to catch up with, YouTube videos to plan, books to order for The Scribbing Lion’s triumphant return to the convention circuit, and more. I’m quite looking forward to it all. Fall always terrifically energizes me, just as much as the humid heat of summer drains me.

    So keep an eye on this space, and do join me over on Mastodon — I’m on, under lionesslady. I’m done with Twitter, as noted in a previous post, and I’m only technically on Facebook.

    I’m looking forward to gathering momentum and seeing how fast I can run this time!