Scribbling Lion Status

UPDATED 5/13/21

Back from the brink

I’ve had advisors hammering at me for months not to let the Lion go softly into the night. I didn’t see a way to do that. Then I talked to a counselor from SCORE (MARVELOUS folks, absolutely epic, do yourself a favor if you own a small business and look them up) and he pointed out that I needed the protection of an LLC in order to self-sell and self-publish my own books and I have a perfectly good one sitting here and do I really have the money to waste on setting up a new one? And, well. I actually don’t have that kind of money to throw around. And there’s the name recognition to consider. Besides, I really love The Scribbling Lion. I’ve put so much of myself into it.

So. I’m correcting course yet again. Taking a middle path.

I’m still not going to run it as a standard bookstore. No more events, no more tables at conventions. I’ll have a limited stack of my own books available for online ordering, and that’s it. The majority of the site will be book reviews, news, and assorted stuff like that. The bookstore will be a very small, tucked in the corner thing except when I have something to promote, at which time I will be shameless and yelling endlessly about the project in question.

I will still steer you to ReAnimus and Smashwords for copies of my books; they’ll probably be faster on order turnaround. Obviously if you want a signed copy of anything, you’ll need to order through the Lion store.

The Irregular Update newsletter (sign up in the sidebar or footer!) will remain under the Lion banner, and will continue to focus on book reviews, with limited personal news except, as above, when there’s something to promote.

I retained this bit from the original post:

It was a lot of fun to vend at various conventions, and I learned a lot, and I miss it; but I don’t think I’ll do it again. I want to put my energy into more writing and less selling, right now. So while I may be quiet with blog posts overall, believe me, I’m wearing out my keyboard on a daily basis. It’s an awesome feeling!