(Updated late March 2022) Hello, all! I’m still here. I’ve been getting used to being back in class this month — I’m taking horticulture classes through a local community college, as well as going through local Master Gardener training (that part is finished, and it was fun!). Because if you’re gonna do a thing, might as well go in with all burners, right? Yeah. So that’s been… a little more exhausting than I expected. But fun! And I love what I’m learning! So that’s okay.

I’ve also finished (mostly?ish?) the final draft of the first book in my next series, the Book That Started It All, the book whose working title has been Kingdom of Salt for nearly twenty years now. It’s been finished, overhauled, overhauled again, reconstructed after a computer crash, and overhauled a couple more times. I think I’m finally ready to send it out to beta readers, so that’s happening this week! I’ll tell you more about the book in another post. (The book is in beta reading and preliminary editing cycles as we speak. I’m hoping to have it wrapped up for final editing by the end of June.)

I’ve also been doing a LOT of reading. I’m assembling a very long list to talk about in my next newsletter, as well as some fairly important writing event/genre/political style stuff that ought to be talked about. That may be a separate newsletter, I’m not sure yet.

Right now, I’m sitting here with coffee and a sleepy dog, looking out at a (marginally) snow-frosted world and hoping the weather stays nice and cold, just the way I like it. (I am SICK OF COLD WEATHER and I want to put my plants out in the garden already!)

I hope you’re having a peaceful day, and may you have success in all your endeavors today!

Back to it!