Updates and Stuff

I’m having a good day. I mean, a really damn good day. I’ve been reading some amazingly good writing, and I’ve been de-cluttering my surroundings, and cooking great meals, and producing writing-that-might-be-good-might-be-bad-but-who-cares-it’s-getting-written.

The sun is out. Nothing’s in crisis at the moment (well, apart from the shitshow of US politics). I’ll be launching at least two and maybe three projects at MarsCon 2018, I’ll be a vendor at Virginia Festival of the Book 2018 and RavenCon 2018. I have a clear goal: develop my writing to sing the way Patricia McKillip and Frances Hardinge’s prose does. I’m seriously considering investigating writing YA, since that’s the increasingly the source for the most beautiful writing I can find. I’m going to read a lot more, and play games a lot less, and go outside a lot more.

How about you? What’s going right in your life lately? Share the sunshine! 😀

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