I write, I read, I teach, I edit. Says it all, really.

Latest news:

Work on the sequel series to Children of the Desert is going slowly but well. I’m currently searching for a way to wrap up the first novel, in the interests of keeping word count reasonably low. Once I manage that, I’ll start it on the rounds of beta readers and editors. This will be a self-published project, as will most of my work going forward for various reasons; I’m still considering whether to release it in installments or as an entire book in one go. I’m leaning towards the former.

I also have a science fiction story finished and going through beta readers. That one is designed to be the first in a series of novella-sized installments, and I want to get the next novella done before releasing the first, so that will take some time as well.

I AM CURRENTLY OPEN TO TWO SHORT EDITING AND COPYEDITING JOBS, anything under 125,000 words. Look at my editing page for more details: leonawisoker.com/editing

I have edited, among others, these books:

Four books by Angela P Wade: Cloak of Obscurity, Queen Isabeau's Book, The Mermaid & the Monster, Lord Cailean's Tower

I have consulted on or proofread, among others, these books:

(The above is not a comprehensive list, just an illustration.)

At this point in time I am not holding any special deals. I will take on  editing jobs, but it will be at regular rates, which are based on EFA suggested numbers. I do prefer flat rate over hourly, which is admittedly better for the client but which I feel is more fair.

Take a look at my client testimonials. Standard rate and procedure information is on the same page, further down. Contact me about editing jobs at [editor at leonawisoker dot com].


At this point, I have nothing on the calendar. I’m really enjoying the quiet, to be honest!


Lots of stuff about gardening and cooking, sustainable living, and quite a lot of fantasy novels.


I am compiling a series Bible focusing on the sequel series to Children of the Desert. I may start posting excerpts from that soon, as I’m having an extraordinary amount of fun with it. I’m also working on the first book in said series, tentatively titled Kingdom of Salt. It’s off the rails from earlier versions and headed into entirely new territory, so I’m getting very engaged with the work!

I am SUPER EXCITED to announce the reissue of Servants of the Sands, now formatted as two books (in print). The new version is available through ReAnimus Press or Amazon. The eBook is still one volume, but either way it’s been edited and has an additional chapter at the end! (It’s a really good chapter. You want to read it, I promise.)

I have notes and sketches for a lot of short pieces that I would like to flesh out and submit. I have a couple stories slogging around through various publications, so wish me luck! I intend to get at least a couple new things out, self published or professionally, in 2021.

Update as of 4/2021: My short story, The Silver Tree, has been accepted at ABYSS & APEX and will be out in … October 2023 (oddly long time frame for short work, but hey).

I have also just finished a very strange and dark short story that is making the rounds. I think it has a reasonable chance of placement, but it is very very strange and very very dark. So. 🙂

Update as of 8/2/21: The series Bible is on hold as I work through overhauling an old story involving lycanthropy, revenge, and Florida. I’m also playing around with mashing up two original Grimms Brothers tales with a snarky avian narrator. I still don’t have a home for that strange little tale I started submitting back in April, but I have hopes. I’m also realizing, much to my frustration, that there is still at least one more closing chapter that really should have been added to Servants of the Sands, so I need to get that knocked out and sent out to anyone who wants that bit of closure. So. There’s that.

Update as of 10/25/21: I’ve given up on overhauling the lycanthropy story; it’s got too many issues baked into the structure. I might be able to take another run at it after a break. Still no home on that strange little story, so that might just go into the collection of short work I’m pulling together for a self-pub project.

Update as of 11/22/21: I’m taking a sharp left turn into a new area: I’ve gotten accepted into the Henrico Master Gardener’s program, and I’ve signed up for classes towards a Horticulture degree! I’m very excited and more than a little surprised at myself. I am still writing, that will never change, but I’m feeling the need for a career focus shift. Maybe it’s a midlife crisis? I dunno. But I’m excited, and I’m happy, and that means I’m writing more than ever. So that’s a win to me.

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