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    …I’ve been a bit distracted with this n’ that in the past few days, so I neglected to change the price on the Small Price to Pay e-story. It’s still at .99 … and, well, I don’t feel right arbitrarily changing that, so I’m going to extend that price through the end of the month instead. So through the end of February, you can download this wonderfully nasty little story about the teyanain for under a buck.

    By the way. Yes. The story is on sale through Smashwords. I used to look down on Smashwords. But you know what? For an author? It is a SERIOUSLY GREAT SETUP.

    I’m getting just over half that dollar in my pocket–about .56, if I recall correctly. Which is a really good percentage! But it’s still not a lot of money. (looks in change jar, rattles it mournfully) 🙁

    So if you really like the story and think supporting it (and my writing career) is worth more than a buck, please do swing by The Scribbling Lion and drop the difference into the donation box. It’s discreetly located at the bottom of the home page, because, yanno, I hate to beg. But the Lion’s out of funds, and the only way I’m going out to conventions and events this and next year is if something very positive happens on that front.

    Going to a convention as a writer guest is SO great, and SO useful, and absolutely worthwhile yadda yadda BUT–I can’t absorb the entire expense right now. Which means vending. Which means needing cash inflow. So go buy A Small Price To Pay, and enjoy the hell out of it, and tell your friends to buy their very own copy. And then swing by The Scribbling Lion and see if there’s anything in inventory you’d like. (There will be.) And tell your friends about those things. And so on. You know the bloody drill, you’ve heard it a zillion times from every other broke writer and artist and musician out there.

    But more important than anything else, to me, is that you read great fiction–mine, or someone else’s–oh, hell, all right, MINE. 😀

    Remember. Until the end of February 2016: .99 for a very fun and cruel story. Then the price (gasp) doubles….

    oh the horror, I’m totally pricing myself out of the market, what am I thinking, AUGH….

    Go read already, damnit. There’s a huge chunk of it available as a free sample, even.

    …and more seriously, tongue now firmly back out of cheek, thank you. Thank you now and forever for caring enough to read this far, and for giving a flaming gerho fart about anything I write. You rock. 😀 <3