Children of the Desert series

Big, sprawling, and complicated, the Children of the Desert series features characters who risk their lives for causes ranging from profound to exceptionally stupid.


A (very brief) glimpse at each book in turn:

A cloaked figure looking out over the desert. Cover art for Secrets of the Sands by Michael SullivanIn Secrets of the Sands (book one), a young noblewoman intervenes with the king on behalf of a servant –- and lands herself in a complex mess that changes every aspect of her life as repercussions unroll across the following books.

My favorite line: “Why would I hit the floor, it hasn’t done anything to me….”

A woman in elaborate, gold and green clothing, facing the viewer with dawn at her back. Cover art for Guardians of the Desert by Aaron B MillerIn Guardians of the Desert (book two),  a cynical older statesman, deeply scarred by his recent experiences, tries to explain to that same young noblewoman how pointless it is to care about saving lives — then abandons his own advice in order to rescue her.

My favorite line: “And so I’m going to die because you pissed Lord Evkit off?”

A young man being held in an unkind grip by his mother, with a brewing storm at his back. Cover art for Bells of the Kingdom by Aaron B MillerIn Bells of the Kingdom (book three), a former street thief faces the reality — and the downside — of recently acquired power over others. In his efforts to remain as human as possible, he causes more damage than he prevents — including to himself.

My favorite line: “[It] smells like a cow with diarrhea died and busted wide open.”

A woman in gauzy orange clothing, facing to the right, her eyes closed and a sunrise at her back. Cover art for Fires of the Desert by Aaron B MillerIn Fires of the Desert (book four), as the various characters see small choices acquiring a lethal weight, mercy faces off with self-interest — and, more often than not, the very human survival imperative wins.

My favorite line: “Don’t tease the teyanain!”

A woman in elaborate purple and red clothing, facing the viewer, with a fierce desert sun at her back. Cover art for Servants of the Sands by Aaron B MillerIn Servants of the Sands, choices have cascaded, masks are being abandoned, the primary powers step out of the shadows — and the secret war for humanity’s survival is laid open for all to see. REISSUED AS TWO BOOKS!

A heavily stylized owl in red and yellow with a feather in its beak. Cover art for Fallen City by Mike McPhail

In Fallen City, a supplementary novelette best read, perhaps, after Guardians of the Desert, a bit of Deiq’s backstory is revealed, as is his involvement with the beginning of the Split that ultimately resulted in the desert Fortresses, distinct Families, and humanity turning from worship to fear of the ha’reye and ha’ra’hain.

A dagger buried in the sand with a feather on the ground beside it. Cover art for A Small Price To Pay by Mike McPhailIn A Small Price to Pay, another supplementary novelette best read BEFORE Servants of the Sands, the reader gets a behind the curtain glimpse of the mysterious and dangerous world of the teyanain. What would Lord Evkit be like as a father? Read on and find out….

A symbol showing all four elements in a filigreed gold frame. Cover art for Salt City by Christina YoderSalt City, which is, perhaps, best read BEFORE Servants of the Sands, explores the implosion of the Northern Church through the eyes of a young priest eager to excel–only to realize that the rules are being changed under his feet, and not in a good direction….

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The Print Books are available here:

Secrets of the Sands

Guardians of the Desert

Bells of the Kingdom

Fires of the Desert

Servants of the Sands

Fallen City (supplementary novella)

A Small Price To Pay (short story, online only)

Salt City (supplementary novella)

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