Various Blurbs

A selection of what people have said about my writing over the years.

Secrets of the Sands: “The final product put me in awe of where the world-building skills of Wisoker are at this early stage of her career.” —SF Site

“An absorbing story, a unique world, and fascinating characters.” –Tamora Pierce

“…lushly visual and highly detailed world…” —Library Journal

“A storyteller with a great deal of promise. Give this one a try.” –CJ Cherryh

“Wisoker weaves a colourful tapestry of desert tribes, honour, revenge, and an ancient, supernatural race.” — Janine Cross

Guardians of the Desert: “Sturdy, engaging, confidently-written…” –CJ Henderson

“For its complexity, intriguing story, and (as in the first volume) for its characters I find totally fascinating, I heartily recommend Guardians of the Desert.” — SF Revu

Salt City: “Beautifully written, this fast-paced, engaging story layers in rich, intriguing detail that left me eager to read more. Highly recommended!” –Meriah Crawford

“Memorable characters set in a richly imagined world against an intricate backdrop of culture and religion makes for an immersive read.” –Gail Z. Martin, author of Scourged

“With Salt City, Ms. Wisoker paints a beautiful yet menacing tapestry, gradually building the suspense toward its inevitable conclusion.  A “must-read.”” –Debra Killeen, author of the Unholy War trilogy

“Salt City: an engaging exploration of a world where the assumptions are different, and the reality is even more different, still. An exploration of finding oneself in trying and dangerous circumstances, its world building is grand and immersive, its characters are vivid, and it holds all these yarns together in a fascinating tapestry. A solid novella in a complex world.”–Malcolm Gin

“Told from the perspective of a young cleric entirely in over his head, Salt City is a twisty tale of spirits, demons, and worse that kept me reading late into the night.” – T. Eric Bakutis, author of Supremacy’s Shadow

Servants of the Sands:

“Wisoker has created a wonderfully realized world of magic and machinations in Servants of the Sands. This conclusion to the Children of the Desert series is really two books in one, with the second taking us to the precipice of apocalypse. Her characters must choose once and for all what and whom they’re willing to suffer, die, and kill for when all the old moral certainties of their world are crumbling. Both newcomers and existing fans of the series can be assured of a satisfying conclusion.”–Tom Doyle, author of American Craftsmen, The Wizard of Macatawa, and more